A selection of videos covering various types of conventional fishing =tackle and techiques

Conventional Fishing Technique and Tackle

Though I’m a fly fisherman, I do use conventional tackle on occasion. This section will grow to contain a broad selection of conventional tackle subjects so stop by on occasion.

We can improve the effectiveness of our lures by tying feathers to the hooks and enhance their life-like appearance.

I've had striped bass vacations derailed by wind and weather, so from now on I bring spinning gear to give me a fighting chance when Mother Nature blows.

We don't often think of bass as being keyed in on one prey item, but it does happen and then we must match the hatch.

Something a little different this time, fishing a spinning rod, but thinking like a fly fisher.

Rick Whorwood shows us how to tie a marabou jig for steelhead

Rick Whorwood shows us how to make a spinner

Here's a video on fishing a Carolina Rig for river smallmouth bass using a fly fishing presentation technique. And it works!!!